SMWS Cask 42.82 The Thing

14 YO yo
€99 / 700ml
5.57 ( 2023-08-19 )

Ledaig, Destillerad 21/2-2008, Refill ex-bourbon hogshead, upplaga 272 flaskor.

SMWS egna noter

A deep and charismatic nose greeted the panel, one that brimmed with carbolic acidity, coal tar smoke, roof felt, bitumen on pine timbers and dusty phenolic kiln smoke. We agreed it was pretty outstanding. With water we found smoked vegetables, kipper smoke, soy sauce, charred wood embers and gentian. The neat palate was a big detonation of anchovies in brine, seawater, pickled gherkins and oily peat smoke. We also got iodine, TCP and gremoline. With water out came smoked white fish, black pepper, highly salted liquorice, citric acids and bonfire embers. Further notes of tar extracts and fir wood resins too.