SMWS Cask 26.206 Tropical Toothpaste

9 YO yo
€78 / 700ml
5.14 ( 2023-08-19 )

Clynelish, Destillerad 23/10-2012, lagrad på 1st fill bourbon barrel, upplaga 239 flaskor.

SMWS egna noter

A burst of tropical fruit and juicy melon collided with salted caramel and the menthol breeze of cough sweets. The palate too was tropical and juicy with ripe mango, pineapple and grapefruit while minty white chocolate mingled with liquorice sweets. Water unveiled a more maritime temperament of minerals, sand and seashells mixed with lemon, pine sap and wisps of smoke over sourdough bread and leather. Flavours retained their juicy refrain as candied orange peel merged with golden sultanas. The menthol had become a more spicy peppermint alongside white pepper, cinnamon and golden syrup to finish.